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  • We at The Informed Tourist have more than 25 years’ experience in brochure marketing, brochure and map distribution to businesses in the travel and tourism sector.
  • You may be an editor of a regular tourism publication, a tourism body creating new marketing collateral or a tour or activity business producing brochures to reach new arrival markets. Our experience in the effective delivery of printed material on time, every time is second to none.
  • At our centralised and integrated warehouse and delivery centre, we manage your inventory, pick and pack your materials and deliver to multiple locations on a regular schedule.
  • We are happy to deliver your publications anywhere in Sydney, individually or in-bulk. Our services include delivery to our owned displays in hotels (and others) and/or to concierge and travel desks at your (or their) request.
  • We have a market leading online ordering and stock control system and deliver millions of tourism publications per year for more than 110 clients.
  • We also have strong buying power for printing and can negotiate significant cost reductions with our print partners on your behalf.
  • All your Sydney brochure marketing needs in one place
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